Alna is a character is the web-comic series RED. she is a three hundred and ten year old Strigoi Vampire. She has spent her entire life besides Elvis and both he and Crow are the most important people to her.

Alna was a prisoner and survivor of the 2nd Viking War which ended the Viking Era. She was made by Elvis and they both spent their this lives together until the found Crow Eswald. The three of them later joined the Vampire Council of area 96. Alna is know generally for her quick temper. However, most of her out burst are not premeditated and have little effects afterwards. Alna would get angry at you for getting angry at her. Apart from her hot blooded character, she is really frail at heart, especially for her family; Elvis and Alna. She tends to aggressively deal with anything that might compromise the relationship between the three of them even if that includes one of them.

How crazy is alna by redthecomic-dbcsehk
Elvis and alna by redthecomic-dbcsdza

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