Din is the deuteragonist of Galebound, a notorious Magician who kidnaps Conan with the lofty goal of overthrowing the monarchy of Cymaria...somehow.

Personality Edit

Contrary, secretive, and emotional.

Appearance Edit

Rarely seen without his favorite leather jacket. He dresses sharply and puts a lot of weight into appearances. He is slender and tall (the tallest in the cast) with curly black hair and bold green eyes. The color of Din's magic is gold. He has the sigil of Evenheim on his right shoulder.

History Edit

Little is known about this Magician, other than he was orphaned and made homeless as a teenager. In the seventeen years since he has grown to be at the very least quite wealthy and possibly even influential, although it's unknown whether this wealth was gained honestly or not.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Magician, Din is capable of using magic. Thus far, he has exhibited the ability to:

  • Pull gold out of hammerspace
  • Propel darts
  • Cause a blast wave

Quotes Edit

  • "I have yet to find the limits of a sufficiently-determined Magician."
  • “We are snake charmers. Nature has its own will. It does what it must in order to survive, including the destruction of mankind if necessary. Magicians are tamers. We take what is wild and make it our thrall.”

Trivia Edit

  • Din is literally incapable of asking questions.
  • Before the events of Galebound, Din smoked like a chimney. However, he dropped the habit because he thought it was slowing him down.
  • Voice suggestion for your head-canon: Matt Mercer