Elvis is a character in the web comic series RED seven hundred year old Vampire (700; Strigoi). He was once know as the Viking- rebel and is well revered by vampires around the World.

Elvis belonged to the Viking vampires during the Vampire Viking era but later had a fall out and went his separate way. Shortly after that, he created Alna and became her family. They both found Crow Eswald who later became a part of them. The three of them later joined the Vampire Council of area 96. Although Elvis's immense talents as a vampire, he is a renowned pacifist and hardly resorts to physical violence but tends to use wisdom powered words to calm dispute Elvis fondly preaches about "family" and "protecting the people you love". He may be a subtle in his ways but won't hold back against anyone who hurts his family.

Quotes "..We protect ourselves by being each other's light, we are our weaknesses but yet our strengths

Elvis and alna by redthecomic-dbcsdza
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