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A girl discovers that there is more to the world than she knows, such as vampires, spirits, magic and more, and she somehow gets involved with a prophecy and a power hungry star, and meets many friends. Together they try to make it through the darker side of Earth alive, but the deeper you go, the more danger you're in.

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Contains blood, violence, swear words, occasional dirty jokes, and sensitive topics such as abuse and suicide

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A regular swedish teenager who likes music, shopping and making friends, and who firmly believes in doing the right thing.


A vampire that acts cold and only logical at times, has trust issues, and doesn't like anime.


Ronja's childhood friend from Denmark, likes football and games, is insecure


A boy from britain with an interest in journalism and blogging, and has a very short temper.


Terence's best friend, likes science, math, video games and hot anime girls. Tries his best to do the right thing.


A hyperactive kid from France who loves chocolate and watching tv-shows with his friends.


A warrior from a vampire army that wishes to change her ways. She is quiet, but can be very intimidating.


An american girl that loves fighting and video games and often quotes stupid memes. Keeps getting everyone into shitty situations with her recklessness.


A medicine major from the vampire army who cares a lot about his friends and only wants to protect them. He also likes cake, a lot. Has a dog.


A vampire from Russia with serious attitude problems. Smokes a lot and has no regards to others' feelings. Just wants to be alone, honestly.


A girl with a mysterious past, trying to figure out the truth behind her strange magical abilities. She's very anxious and shy, and likes art.

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Dylan/Coolcat is some guy from Denmark with too much time on his hands, I guess.

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