Flippy is a baby sea lion and the secondary protagonist of Down Under

History Edit

Flippy was orphaned due to as of yet unexplained circumstances at a very young age. Therefore, he was never taught how to properly catch fish and fend for himself.

One day, he saw a giant green tail behind a large rock underwater. Just as he was about to chomp on it, he saw that it belonged to an unconscious Emily, a little girl who had just been turned into a mermaid and had been swept from her home on land. Caught between eating her tail and helping her, his conscious got the better of him and he took her to a nearby desert island, where they met each other for the first time the following morning.

Personality Edit

Due to his very young age, Flippy is very naïve, gullible, co-dependant, and often doesn't recognize danger. He is however very energetic and playful. Despite his often cheerful attitude, he gets very depressed about being alone in the ocean and has anxieties about being alone, worthless, and uncared for.

Appearance Edit

Flippy is a small sea-lion who is light grey.

Relationships Edit

Emily Edit

Emily is Flippy's best friend who has come to care for him. Being with her has helped combat his feeling of loneliness and she has helped him learn how to fend for himself.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Flippy" was taken from a Happy Tree Friends Character, a green bear who is a war veteran who whenever he gets reminded of the war, goes crazy and violently murders everyone around him.