Galebound is an ongoing fantasy/drama webcomic, drawn and written by Respheal, which started in May 2016. It is drawn and colored digitally in a style reminiscent of manga with a new page uploaded every Wednesday.

Summary Edit

Conan Renaud is a stablehand and that's all he ever wanted to be... Although he would also like to be filthy rich and married to his girlfriend, Lucie. His dreams of wealth look to be within reach when Din, a Magician, comes to him with a lot of gold, a sinister smile, and a deal: Guide me to Cymaria, the city of kings.

Not entirely by choice, Conan takes the deal and finds an over-friendly assassin, a scathing daemon, and a young queen standing between him and his happy marriage. Worse yet, the Magician brings with him an ancient curse that binds them both: the wind-driven magic known as the Obligation.

Plot Edit

Conan wakes up in his stable to meet Din, a Magician, who seeks to rent a horse from the stablehand. After the deal is made, Din reveals that he also wants to hire Conan as a guide, which Conan refuses. Din, however, has other ideas.

Din kidnaps Conan and begins their journey to Cymaria, the kingdom across the sea. Conan questions Din's motives for kidnapping him, a smalltown stableboy, and Din reveals that his goal is to overthrow the Cymarian monarchy. Thinking the Magician mad, Conan insists that they stop in Evenheim and, much to Conan's surprise, Din complies.

The travelers arrive in Evenheim. As Conan cares for his horse, he hears a quiet voice warning him of danger.

Content Warnings Edit

Use of alcohol, use of tobacco, blood, fantasy violence, mild language, partial nudity involving a mermaid (no sexual characteristics shown), and fridge horror.

Characters Edit

Conan Renaud

A cynical and sarcastic country boy—at first glance. His guarded, obfuscating persona belies eloquence and an iron will. Owns a stable in the outskirts of Norin, which he runs alone save for occasional help from his girlfriend, Lucie, and her family. Loves to read.

Din Duvent

A confident, contrary, and secretive man that appeared before Conan in his stable. A city boy, apparently rich, and seemingly averse to asking questions. Frequently forgets to eat.

Pascal Boisselont

As assassin spent by the Cymarian Court to kill Conan.

Lucie Fuller

Conan's girlfriend and fellow resident of Norin. Has not yet made an official appearance.

Parker Laurent

A resident of Norin and one of Conan's neighbors. Has not yet made an appearance (and never would, if Conan had any say in the matter).

The Obligation Edit

The Obligation is a magic cycle generated by the Gale. The Obliged refers to those who are a part of this cycle.

Magicians Edit

In short, those who can use magic. Very little is known about them and they very rarely reveal themselves. In recent years, they have faded into legend and some doubt they could even use magic, preferring to attribute the feats Magicians claim in stories to exaggeration, natural phenomenon, or pure luck. The Kingdom of Cymaria, however, is known to employ servants known as Court Magicians, a vestige of earlier times for the monarchy.

What marks a Magician is the glowing aura they generate when channeling magic. The color of each Magician's magic is unique to that person, but what determines the hue is unknown.

Notable Magicians Edit

Daemons Edit

Daemons are nature spirits. They are not visible to those outside the Obligation, although their effects on the world are certainly evident. Some in the Dusk worship daemons as minor deities and make offerings in exchange for safety, luck, or prosperity. Some forms of magic involve commanding daemons.

Trivia Edit

  • Galebound originated as a NaNoWriMo project by the name of "Noblesse Oblige"

  • During its development, Galebound was nearly made into an RPG, and for a short period was even imagined as a Pokémon fanfiction.

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