Ossus Amaranth was a hero of Athens. The Gods, impressed by his bravery and heroism, made him one of them, an Olympian. That is, until, Ossus was betrayed by Zeus. His family was murdered and Ossus was made mortal again. In order to avenge his fallen, Ossus and his companions attends the God Games, a series of death matches where the winner becomes one the divine.

Characters Edit

Ossus Amaranth Edit

Main protagonist of the story. Once an Olympian God, Ossus seeks vengeance against the Gods for betraying him.

Ale Lumen Edit

A young girl from them Kingdom of Collum. She aspires to win the God Games to become a Knight and bring Women's Rights to her Kingdom.

Ercel Pyboca Edit

A Goblin Prince from the Nation of Andujar. A group known as the Rebirth have occupied his country turning his people into slaves. The Goblins are known for their healing Abilities and they produce The Flame Seed, a fruit that can heal any injury or ailment that is only found within the country. Ercel wants to become a God so that he can drive the Rebirth out of his country.

Boluda Aka Edit

The exiled princess of the Vampire Empire. Boluda wishes to become a Goddess so that she can earn her family's respect and return home.

Fourre Bleu Edit

Not much is known of Fourre. He's a werewolf, but not much is known of where he comes from.