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Gwenna is one of the main characters in Kaza's Mate Gwenna. She has appeared in every story arc in the series, and appeared in several single page "ask the character" interstitial comics.


Gwendolyn Davis lived a fairly conventional life before she met Kaza. Growing up in a typical suburban town, she was known as Gwenny by her friends.

She and her best friend Deena were often rivals for the affection of one boy, Fred Hancock Jr. When he ultimately choose Deena, she left home for college and further adventures that eventually lead her to Kaza.


Gwenna is very level headed in a crisis, many times she is the one who has to solve the problems Kaza's rushing in without thinking has caused.


Gwenna is an athletic woman in her early 30's, she has long red(she was originally featured having black hair

Gwenna when she was originally shown with black hair.

which was later changed to brown

Gwenna being shown with brown hair.

then switched to her current hair colour) hair and green eyes. She has a tendency to freckle depending on how much sun exposure she's had. While in the jungle she hardly wears clothes, often nothing more than a few pieces of jewelry and a flower behind her left ear. When she is in more public or social situations she will cover up with whatever she has available.


Gwenna has shown that she is good at unarmed combat. She is also good at using the internet as well as riding a zebra bareback. Gwenna does have some scientific knowledge as she knows hydrogen is explosive.



She and Kaza have been together for many years, living in a treehouse deep in the jungle. They share a mutual love for the jungle and protecting it from harm.

The Commissioner[]

She is particularly fond of the Commissioner, who is always charming and gentlemanly around her.


Gwenna likes the Commissioner's assistant quite well, but they can have their strained moments. Her nudity tends to leave him a bit flustered, though he has gotten better about it.


  • Gwenna's name comes from a Golden Age Jungle Girl character created by the Fox Features Syndicate. Gwenna was the ruler of a tribe and served as the first love interest of Jo-Jo the Congo King. She only appeared in one issue of the comic, and was soon replaced with Tanee, the daughter of a tribal chieftain
  • Gwenna's teenage origin as "Gwenny" comes from another Fox comic. Junior Comics was a teen comedy series in the vein of Archie. Gwenny and Deena served as the Betty and Veronica to the equally indecisive Junior.
  • Gwenna has a few similarities to Marvel Comics' Shanna as she is originally an urban dweller but chooses to adopt the lifestyle of living in the jungle so as to be with her husband and she is more than capable in handling dangerous opponents by herself.