Inter-Dimensional Academy (I-DA) is a fully-colored, manga-influenced American comic in the urban fantasy and school life genres. It takes place in 2017 on a fictional island off the western coast of the U.S. Although the story is meant to be taken seriously, the comic is known for its humor, making many references to Internet culture—especially Tumblr—through the language and antics of the characters.

The comic features multiple character PoVs, but mainly focuses on Logan Lyon—a new student at Inter-Dimensional Academy—and some of her closest friends. Between days of fun and regular school activities, the large group of friends put together unusual happenings and their past experiences to unravel an underlying, supernatural mystery.

There are currently three complete chapters, and a fourth is in production.

Synopsis Edit

Logan Lyon, a dramatic, excitable girl, arrives for the first time in Pollo-Tismos on the Ankses archipelago to begin college. After an encounter with the young pickpocket Nightowl, Logan reaches the campus of I-DA where she befriends her roommate Medea, and shortly after, Medea's old friends Lute and Emrys. Logan forcibly befriends several other peers in addition before the semester's classes begin.

At this time, her new friend Emrys begins his efforts in trying to solve a mystery he believes has supernatural answers. One factor of the mystery is his "friend" whose voice appears in his regular lucid dreams; another factor is Zade Winchester, a classmate whose words and actions are cryptic and strangely ominous.

Characters Edit

There is an official character list on ComicFury with playful descriptions and illustrations.

Protagonists Edit

Logan Lyon

The self-deemed protagonist. She acts in a humorously overblown manner, turning even the most mundane activities into an adventure. She is obsessed with Japanese pop culture and references it often, leaning on the fourth wall as she pretends her life to be an anime or manga. Ironically, she's averse to the idea that she might be in a webcomic, as occasionally suggested by Emrys. Playfully narrating her activities, she serves as the gateway between the reader and the story.

Nightowl (Niles Kristoff)

A charming fifteen-year-old boy who prefers to dwell in the alleys of Pollo-Tismos. Refusing to take his life seriously or consider consequences, he often gets himself into dangerous situations. He is offered a home by the Jansing family, but refuses out of stubbornness and inherent mistrust. Outside of the Jansings, he apparently has few friends who are good moral influences until Logan brings him into her friend group.

Medea Rose

Logan's mature, but irritable roommate. She is committed to everything she deems important and feels responsible for her friends. Although she is easily annoyed, her insults to close friends are usually meant in a friendly way, and while generally rough, she is kind. She has known Lute and Emrys since childhood, and although there was a three-year-long separation, she is close with them again after reuniting in college. She is protective of Lute but points out his flaws when she sees they could be a danger to him.

Lute Ambrose

The oldest of the main group, and the brother of Emrys. He acts in a polite, if anxious and wishy-washy manner, but is extremely private. Failing to take care of his own physical and mental health, he is often exhausted and stressed; he is also afflicted with depersonalization and derealization that can make him numb to reality. He cares deeply for Emrys and seems to almost share a psychic bond with him. In fact, Emrys and Medea are the only people he truly opens up to. He wishes Emrys would stop being so dependent on him, but tolerates him anyway.

Emrys Ambrose

The shy and intellectual younger brother of Lute. His face is almost always devoid of expression and his eyes are depicted as empty. Emotions are uncomfortable and confusing to him, but he enjoys being around close friends and has a witty, subtle sense of humor. He spends most of his free time on his laptop in his room, usually staying up past 3 a.m. along with Lute. He neglects mundane activities, making his brother feel responsible for him. He is easily overwhelmed and shuts down when overstimulated; additionally, he quickly grows anxious when separated from Lute, often clinging to his hand or sleeve when they're in public.

Zade Winchester

A sixteen-year-old boy who seems connected to the supernatural mysteries. Although he can sometimes sound ominous or deluded, he is friendly and according to his brother, harmless. However, he is unpredictable and prone to mood swings and panic attacks. He also has asthma that not only hinders his everyday life, but sends him to the hospital often and supposedly caused brain damage when he was as a child—providing an explanation for his apparent mental instability. Emrys does not believe this explanation and insists Zade is not who he seems to be. Yet, Zade and Emrys do get along well because of shared interests and Zade's warm personality.

Other major characters Edit

Blanche Charlet

A feminine, friendly art major from France. She has a cute, idealistic personality, and easily gets lost in her thoughts. She tends to get nervous around people, especially Lute. Blanche met Torabi in art class and they since changed their minors to Spanish and French, respectively, in the name of friendship.

Torabi Clacher

Blanche's best friend—also an art major—from Mexico. She acts curt and has a dry sense of humor, often poking fun at herself by doing such things as throwing Spanish words at random and mixing it with broken Japanese. She loves video games, especially dating sims and horror—sometimes mixing the genres. Her real name is Guadalupe Teresa Ofelia Ramírez Bianco.

Angel Clacher

Torabi's adopted older brother. He is hyperactive and has severe anxiety, to the point of climbing trees to escape whatever he deems terrifying. Like Blanche and his adoptive sister, he is also an art major. Unbeknownst to most people, he is permanently haunted by three ghosts who bicker with him and each other.

Joan Artemis

A young, highly intelligent, and nihilistic math instructor. He is skilled at putting up a social moe front, but often only uses it to entertain himself. His usual disposition is sarcastic and blunt. He puts deep thought into subjects such as philosophy and religion, but in the end does whatever he wants to do.

Matthew Jansing

A gentle school nurse, the father of Asha and the close friend of Artemis. He is warm, protective and philanthropic, though easily exasperated. He worries for other people's safety but lets them make their own choices. He saved a young, sick Nightowl from the streets several years ago and has since done what he can to protect him, even if Nightowl refuses to be officially adopted by the Jansing family.

Asha Jansing

Matthew's daughter and Nightowl's friend and crush. Like her father, she does what she can to protect Nightowl, acting motherly towards him. She also acts ditzy and silly, concealing an extremely passive-aggressive nature; she threatens Nightowl if she knows he is going to do something dangerous. She is officially part of Logan's "Meem Teem™" but tends to be neglected; it does not appear to bother her.

Darius Knotting

A friendly young man who lives in an isolated mansion on Tycho Island with his parents. He loves astronomy, adventure stories and concept of magic. He likes to make theories about whatever catches his attention, mixing science with the supernatural; when talking about his theories, he becomes animated and enthusiastic. He keeps a newfolk friend named Elizabeth, who appears to be an ancient stone doll.

About fedoramoron Edit

Inter-Dimensional Academy is the first webcomic by DeAnna Evans, known online under her pseudonym fedoramoron. She began her online presence on Tumblr, later making a Twitter account and a YouTube channel. While she is active on Twitter full year-round, the college she attends restricts access to many websites; therefore, she is generally inactive on Tumblr, YouTube, and ComicFury during the spring and fall semesters. During these times, her best friend "Hibi" occasionally posts for her in her name.

Reception Edit

The comic has received overwhelmingly positive comments; as of August 2017, it maintains a perfect 5-star rating from readers on ComicFury.

Trivia Edit

  • Fedoramoron originally created I-DA to be a world in which to put her extra characters that belonged to no other universe she had written.
  • Lute is the oldest character in I-DA by creation date; he was one of fedoramoron's first characters and went under some of the most major changes of her characters to date.
  • While few ships are actually confirmed to be canon, fedoramoron's personal OTP is Zade x Logan.
  • Torabi is based off of fedoramoron's best friend, Hibi. Angel, likewise, was based off of a friend.