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Kaza is one of the primary characters from Kaza's Mate Gwenna. He's appeared in every story arc in the series.


Few details about Kaza's past are known but before becoming a nudist hero, he was once known as a billionaire playboy named Kyle Elsworth III who was also a superhero named Black Owl after an airplane accident in Burunda changed his life. He's been defending the jungle for many years before Gwenna joined him. He's fought a number of villains over the years, including dangerous cult leaders, fascist mercenaries, and alien invaders.


Kaza is a man of few words, and is more inclined to try and fight his way out of a problem. He's quick to pull his knife out and challenge his enemies. This has occasionally caused some problems and many instances where Gwenna had to follow behind and help fix what Kaza's hotheadedness has broken.


Kaza is a tall, well muscled and tanned male in his mid 30's. Most of the time he is nude, with nothing but a knife strapped to his right bicep.



Kaza and Gwenna have been married and have lived together in their jungle tree house for several years. He has taught her everything she knows about living in the jungle, and they share a mutual interest in protecting their world from the various dangers that threaten it.

The Commissioner[]

He's been friends with the Commissioner for years, and is always available to help him with any problems that may arise. The Commissioner values Kaza's expertise, and is quite willing to deal with his unorthodox lifestyle.


  • Kaza gets his name from a Golden Age Jungle Hero who appeared only once in a 1954 comic book. The comic itself was an altered reprint of an earlier Fox Features Syndicate character named Jo-Jo, The Congo King.
  • Kaza's former life is similar to Bruce Wayne.