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Kaza and Gwenna live in the jungle and fight bad guys. They hardly ever wear clothes either. It's an affectionate tribute to jungle hero stories of the Golden Age of comics.

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There's lots of nudity, both male and female.

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The Commissioner


Lady Catherine/Nula

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The Serpent Sorceress Edit

Nerlana returns to the Jungle to restart her father's cult. Kaza and Gwenna meet up with The Commissioner and Wimberly to fight her.

Ruthless Ro-Man Edit

A meeting with some old friends of Gwenna's gets interrupted by a vengeance seeking alien.

The Danger, The Diamond, and the Dowager Edit

Former jungle girl Nula has come back to return an a tribal artifact. Only a terrorist organization is after the artifact as well.

Nula: Naked and Alone Edit

With Kaza and Gwenna captured by the Skull, Nula steps up to help fight against his terrorist organization.

Temple of Turmoil Edit

The artifact turns out to be the fabled Philospher's Stone. The Skull wants to use it to destabilize the global economy. Kaza, Gwenna, and Nula have to work together to stop it.

The Phantom Ape Edit

A movie production deep in the jungle is being plagued by accidents apparently caused by a white ape. Kaza and Gwenna investigate.

Situation on Earth-N Edit

Dimensional traveler Jenny Anywhere recruits Gwenna to help with a problem on Earth-N: an all nude world home to a number of superheroes.

Crisis Down the Yellow Brick Road Edit

Kaza, Jenny Anywhere, and Gwenna's Earth-N Counterpart Gwen Davis find themselves in the dimensional crossroad of Shelterville, but the town itself has somehow been transported to the land of Oz.

Situation on Earth-N Part 2 Edit

Returning to Earth-N, the heroes reunite to deal with the cabal of business leaders who are causing all of the problems.

The Christmas Special Edit

Kaza and Gwenna come to New York for a Christmas party hosted by Captain Evening and the Odds, but festivities get disrupted by a giant robot in Midtown.

Epilogue Edit

The morning after the Christmas Special, Kaza and Gwenna recount how their fight on Earth-N ended.

Up The River Edit

Kaza and Gwenna investigate an illegal diamond mine and find a supernatural threat in the form of the vampire Van Horn and his horde of zombie minions.

Kokotomo Edit

Kaza, Gwenna, the Commissioner and Nula are whisked away to the magical island of Kokotomo.

Short Stories and Guest Comics Edit

Abui's Grand Tour Edit

A guest comic from Reinder Dijkhuis of Abui's Travels. Abui and Adrienne make an uncontrolled teleport into the Jungle, and Kaza and Gwenna help them sort out their problems.

Bungle in the Jungle Edit

A guest comic from Xailenrath of The Misfits of Mischief. Kaza, Gwenna and Nula find a trio of explorers are about to be eaten by some aliens, but the situation is not what it seems.

Jung-La in the Naked Jungle Edit

A guest comic from Paul Hoppe of The Cosmic Beholder. Urban jungle girl Jung-La makes a trip to the jungle to meet Kaza and Gwenna, and stop some artifact theives.

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