Kristy Winters is one of the main characters of Battle Kreaturez. She is the Wyldcard team's battle planner and a corporate executive at K-TEK, a bioengineering company.

Personality Edit


Kristy is sassy, intelligent and ambitious. She has a cheeky sense of humor and a dry, acerbic wit that she never hesitates to use. A cunning executive with her phone glued to her ear, she conducts her business affairs in a ruthlessly strategic manner and applies the same mentality to her Kreature Combat strategies. She can be prideful, considering herself a consummate professional. Though she has a low tolerance for incompetence or insubordination, she's not some office tyrant; Kristy is an amicable person who thinks highly of others as a rule and expects just as much from them. She also has a sincere interest and respect for Kreatures, viewing them as more than mere weapons or corporate assets.

Appearance Edit

Kristy has the appearance of a tall, voluptuous, bespectacled woman in her mid-30s with grey eyes and short black hair in a bob cut. She wears purple eye-shadow and dark red lipstick with nail polish to match. She is typically seen dressed in business suits and high heels in some variation of red and black, her favorite colors.

Relationships Edit

Dennis Alvarez Edit


Kristy's boyfriend. As of Chapter 01 they've been together for about five years. They enjoy a loving and affectionate relationship. Though at a glance they seem very different, they're united by a similar sense of humor and a mutual interest in Kreatures. Kristy admires his passion and his warm, nurturing personality.

Wade Romano Edit

Kristy only answers to a handful of people: K-TEK's CEO, K-TEK's shareholders, and to her chagrin, Wade, the Wyldcard team's self-appointed leader. Wade and Kristy don't always see eye to eye and they often bicker, but beneath it all there's a begrudging friendship.

Wally the Platrox Edit

Dennis' talking pet Platrox annoys Kristy, and his overinflated ego makes him an irresistible target for her sarcastic quips.

Ben Weiss Edit

Kristy is critical of Ben's recklessness and inexperience, but otherwise she finds the kid endearing and respects his enthusiasm and work ethic.

Kreatures Edit

  • Silver the Koobine
  • Dart the Silkiure
  • Bishop the Ogofish

Trivia Edit

  • Kristy is one of the "core characters" of Battle Kreaturez, along with Dennis and Wally, who has survived every draft of the story since its beginning in 1999.
  • Her appearance has changed dramatically across the various drafts, from kid to teen to adult businesswoman. However, certain traits have remained consistent, namely her black hair, pointed nose, sassy personality and penchant for the color red.
  • Her official debut is in Chapter 02, but she makes a cameo appearance on the very first page.
  • She grew all her Kreatures herself, as well as Dennis' Geksaur, Henry.
  • She is a middle child. Her younger sister Judy has yet to be introduced, but has appeared in promotional artwork. She also has an older sister named Stephanie.
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