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Lenore is a mermaid who appeared in Kaza's Mate Gwenna story Three Days From Kokotomo. She joined Kaza and Gwenna in their adventure to Atlantis.


Lenore is a mermaid and member of the secretive Sisterhood, a group of women who all posess magical abilities to transform into various sea creatures. She has served as an agent for the Sisterhood for many years. Her history goes back at least to the 80's, when she was part of a team that infiltrated a East German Naval base to rescue some fellow members of the Sisterhood that had been captured.[1]

Lenore knew Kaza from his earlier life as Kyle Elsworth. She ran into Kaza and his wife Gwenna on the island of Kokotomo, where she and her eldest daughter Serena agreed to assist the couple with piloting a sailboat from the island.

During the voyage, Lenore's younger daughter Sierra (in her mermaid form) turned up alongside the boat. Sierra was sent by the Sisterhood to inform them of trouble near Atlantis. Sierra joined them as they changed course. That evening Lenore had an intimiate encounter with Kaza and Gwenna.

Arriving late that night to the location of Atlantis, they found a large,seemingly abandoned vessel. Lenore and Sierra decided to explore down near Atlantis, while Kaza and Gwenna examined the ship. Inside one of the surviving domes around the city, they discover bot the missing crew of the vessel, but members of the Sisterhood as well. Lenore and Sierra soon found themselves captured by female divers, working for the sub marriner and pirate Nemo II.

Lenore and Sierra are taken aboard Nemo's Nautilus and discover that a former member of the Sisterhood, Medea, is working with the pirate. Nemo dresses up Lenore, and invites her to a private dinner. Nemo, arrogantly thinking he had the uppper hand, explains his plans to Lenore, which involves looting Atlantis for it's magical treasures and betraying Medea. His plan goes south when the Sisterhood escapes the dome thanks to Kaza, and damages his sub with a combined sonic attack from several mermaids. Nemo's Nautilus is forced to surface from the sonic attack, and later damage it sustained from a shockwave caused by one of the Atlantean domes being tampered with.

With the pirate Nemo taken into custody, Lenore and Sierra remained behind to assist the scientists who had come to Atlantis to recover some of the people of Atlantis that had been turned to stone by an ancient curse.

Lenore pregnant with Kaza's lovechild.

Much later, she was in Gernsbeck, Germany several months pregnant with Kaza's daughter.


Lenore looks to be a buxom woman in her late 30s to early 40s with orange hair. Like other mermaids, her fish tail is green in color.


  • Mother is Visiting (First Apperance)
  • Kaza's Mate Gwenna "Three Days From Kokotomo"
  • Cryptida "Emily in the City" (Flashback)

Behind the Scenes[]

Lenore and her daughter Serena and the Sisterhood were first created for the comic Mother is Visiting, which originally appeared on the now defunct Webcomics Nation website. The characters predate Kaza and Gwenna by at least a year. The appearance of Lenore and her daughter into the story Three Days from Kokotomo was a product of voting by fans of Kaza's Mate Gwenna on the author's Deviant art page[2]. Lenore later appeared in a flashback in the Cryptida story Emily in the City.