--Mad science just got prettier.

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M9 Girls is a Superhero/Magical Girl webcomic created by Rulopótamo and drawn by Shadow. The comic has shoujo and manga influences and follows the titular M9 Girls, a group of science students who gain the ability to tap into the universe's primordial forces and acquire special powers as a result. The comic has been published since 2011 and features the art of former artist Kanela and current artist Shadow. The tone of the writing has changed to reflect the new artist's style.

Plot Edit

Quiet science student Any receives an offer to participate on an intern job by a handsome and reclusive professor. She convinces her friends, down-to-earth and snarky Pato, and pixie and hyperactive Clau, to join her. Along the way they recruit the cute and sociable Karlita. The initially boring experiments take a turn for the unexpected when the girls get mortally ill after being exposed to cosmic radiation. In order to cure them, the Professor injects them with a substance that makes them able to process the cosmic radiation. As a side effect, the girls gain special abilities.

They fancy themselves as a super hero team and start a training of sorts, without knowing that there is a real danger in the form of Alpha Prime, a former subject of the experiment. Meanwhile, Karlita's best friend, the sultry Vero, gets suspicious and jealous of the girls' activities, and seeks to become part of their group.

Characters Edit

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The self-appointed leader of the M9 Girls. Mostly quiet and goal-oriented, she has a stubborn streak but is very caring about her friends.


The heart of the team, she is a practical girl with an aggressive streak, who usually resorts to snark to cope with her friends' lack of common sense.


Forever optimistic, Clau is a bundle of emotions with borderline dizziness.


A social butterfly, Karlita would be the ultimate valley girl if it weren't for her love for science. She keeps the M9 Girls fashionable, or so she likes to think.

The Professor

A reclusive geneticist who is perfecting a substance that allows individuals to tap into cosmic energy, the Professor's motivations for recruiting the M9 Girls are not quite clear.


Vero considers herself Karla's best friend. She is somewhat manipulative and resents Karlita's attention towards the girls.

Alpha Prime

A subject of the cosmic energy experiments, Alpha Prime's mutations are gruesome. And he is dying as a result of them.

Authors Edit

Rulopótamo. Writer and creator.

Shadow. Inks and Colors as of 2015.

Kanela. Inks and Colors, character designer. Currently cover artist.

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