Nerlana was the primary antagonist in the first Kaza's Mate Gwenna story, The Serpent Sorceress.

History Edit

Nerlana's father founded the Serpent Cult years ago, gathering followers and threatening the peace of the Jungle. People started disappearing, and eventually Kaza tracked down the cult and defeated it's leader.

Nerlana returned to the Jungle years later and began reforming the cult. She hired the mercenary Mitchell to help guide her to one of the cult's treasure troves. Inside she found a tiara that allowed her to control snakes and to summon the cult's god, the giant snake Narkesh. She had captured Kaza, and planned on feeding him to Narkesh in a ceremony in front of the assembled followers. Gwenna, along with The Commissioner and Wimberley and the warriors of the Natari Tribe attempted to rescue him. Wimberley's shot at the snake's eye drove it into a frenzy, and Nerlana lost control of it. It turned on her and swallowed her. The surviving Serpent Cult members quickly fled, breaking the cult apart for good.

The Commissioner arranged to have the snake shipped off to a zoo, where it has become a major attraction. He also sent snake controlling tiara was sent to the Home Office "for review and advisement" which he he figured should keep it hidden for a few centuries.

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The Serpent Sorceress Page 1

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The Serpent Sorceress Page 11