But what do the gods care about? What happens when we grow bored?
-Ngv, The First Fatebinder.
Ngv is a deity in the comic Fatebound. He is often referred to as a Trickster god and occasionally called the Nameless One, though each time either has happened he has suggested that neither is entirely correct. He has offered no other clarification except to say that his role is "complicated".

For more information on the character from an in-world perspective, please see his page on the Fatebound Codex.

Personality Edit

Ngv appears to be very curious and an avid seeker of entertainment. He is fond of making wagers and arrangements with mortals, and may interact with other gods in a similar manner.

Physical Appearance Edit

While Ngv has shown an ability to change his appearance, apparently at will, he has commonly interacted with mortals on screen using one form. This is a white male of roughly average height with red hair that sticks up slightly in the front. In this form, he wears a fully black robe with white lining.

Appearances Edit

He is one of only two named characters to appear in The First Fatebinder, where he makes a wager with Herot for control of reality. In the Epic of Hadral, he played an important role in directing Hadral and Elyse to Lophael and, eventually, the Firmament Nexus, and appeared briefly at the end delivering the Book of Lophael to mankind. He is also mentioned in the Book of Lophael, so far only as a young god disillusioned with the constant warfare among gods and between the gods and mankind.