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Nula is a secondary character from Kaza's Mate Gwenna. She has appeared in the story arcs The Danger, The Diamond, & The Dowager, Nula: Naked and Alone, and The Temple of Turmoil.


Her given name and title is Lady Catherine Maxwell Third Baroness of Sharrinford. In her younger days she was a jungle adventurer much like Kaza and Gwenna, though she was far more modest. She was closely associated with Smedley (now the Commissioner) in those days, when he was just an assistant to Captain Hollister. Eventually, she returned to England and began living a life more appropriate to her station.

Thirty years passed, and after Catherine discovered Solomon's Diamond, an ancient tribal artifact, had come up for auction. She bought it, with the intent on returning it to the tribe. She was not fully aware of the artifact's power, or the dangerous parties that were after it. Solomon's Diamond was in fact the legendary Philosopher's Stone, and it did have the power to turn lead into gold and the Skull, the leader of a dangerous terrorist cabal, was after it.

While Catherine might be older, she was still at heart Nula and teamed up with Kaza and Gwenna to put and end to the Skull's plan. Once the Skull was dealt with, she decided to stay in the Jungle and rekindle her relationship with the Commissioner.


Catherine is a vibrant and outgoing woman. She's quite friendly and quick to smile and help those in need. Being back in the Jungle and having adventures has been quite energizing to her.


Lady Catherine in her usual attire

Catherine is an older woman with blond gray-streaked hair and a voluptuous figure. She regularly wears safari gear, often pink in color, with her hair kept up in a bun. Though as Nula, she follows Kaza and Gwenna's example and goes nude.

Nula as shown in her 30s

When she's in her 30s, she's a buxom lady with muscular arms.


Catherine has a sharp sense of smell as well as sight. She's able to remain as stealthy as possible. For an old lady, she's pretty fast and strong.


Kaza and Gwenna[]

Catherine is quite fond of her "replacements" as she calls them. Despite her age, they do regard her as an equal in the Jungle and do appreciate her experience.

The Commissioner[]

in her younger days, she never really saw or wanted to admit Smedley's feelings towards her. Now in their later years they have come to a point where they can be honest with each other and try again.