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Pros Édra is a post-apocalyptic webcomic by xianyu118, centering around Vanessa "Scythian" Stout and the titular outpost/town of Pros Édra itself. Pros Édra is xianyu118's fourth long-form comic and the second to be colored in full, although initial pages made use of grayscale. It was launched on 30th July, 2013, and is currently ongoing.Like his other projects, it is erratically updated.

Summary Edit

When a young girl who calls herself Scythian finds a relatively new sign advertising a town called Pros Édra in the middle of the desert, hope for a stable home begins to grow. Aenidia was not welcoming, but perhaps this would be.

But what she finds there might not be what she is expecting...

Content Warnings Edit

A PG-13 rating on the whole. There is some violence, and arguably, (fictional) animal death. Mild swearing might pop up occasionally.

Format Edit

Pros Édra makes use of both prose and drawn comic pages, with several details not touched upon in the page being addressed in the author comments itself. Generally, those details tend to be dialogue, and perspectives of the characters. Previously such text used to be brief, composing of one or two sentences but by page 15 it has expanded somewhat.

It is thus advisable to take the author comments into account.

Characters Edit

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Vanessa "Scythian" Stout
Scythian 1

Vanessa "Scythian" Stout

Scythian is a meek young girl who has been wandering the desert for some time, with a handmade weapon and a mask of curious design which she has never taken off so far. She derives her nickname from a history book she carries with her.


"Techie" is simply a title for Techie's job. He functions as IT support for quite a lot of people and several of the bodies that keep Pros Edra running. Techie seems have tanned skin and reddish hair.


Mel is a bald, young girl who seems to act as Techie's hanger-on, or occasional apprentice. She wears a curious attachment to the side of her head, and has displayed a rebellious streak, insisting that she come along Scythian's retrieval mission which Grace initially refused her at first.

Jesse Veidman




About the Creator Edit

xianyu118, better known as Trad is an overworked and overheated hobbyist scribbler with no training at all. He is wrangles with perplexing statements on an almost daily basis and pays for this dubious honour.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the second comic by xianyu118 to be coloured in full, although it did take some time for it to achieve full colour..
  • The name 'Pros Édra' was derived from the Prose Edda, a text on Norse poetry and myths composed by Snorri Sturluson around A.D.1220.
  • Pros Édra was originally meant to have more fantastical elements, being as it was partly inspired by Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP by Capybara Games. It would have drawn more on the Scythians of Central Asia along with various aspects of mythology.

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