Skyler Martin is one of the main antagonists of Battle Kreaturez.

Personality Edit

Skyler is privilege personified; he's a macho conceited jock who knows he can get away with being one because he's charismatic and cute. He is disrespectful and enjoys trash talking his opponents and making off-color jokes. Boastful and vain, he's always eager to show off his Kreature Combat skills and chiseled abs.

Appearance Edit

Skyler is tall, muscular and handsome. He has green eyes and spikey red hair with turquoise streaks through it. He wears mostly white clothing with black and turquoise accents on them.

Relationships Edit

Ben Weiss Edit

Skyler regards Ben as pathetic and teases him for it. His snide remarks are made in jest, but they still wear on Ben's confidence.

Kreatures Edit

  • Sabre the Kralmite
  • Maude the Dracrow

Trivia Edit