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The Commissioner is a secondary character from Kaza's Mate Gwenna. He has been regularly featured in the comic since the first story arc The Serpent Sorceress.


Commissioner Smedley Hopkirk has been serving in various public office posts in the Jungle most of his adult life. He began his career as an assistant to Captain Hollister, and this was the time when he first met the jungle girl Nula. Eventually she left for England, and he remained in the Jungle. The years passed by, and he rose to the status of Commissioner. During that time he met Kaza and Gwenna, and gained his current assistant Wimberley.

When Nula, now the Lady Catherine Maxwell, returned to the Jungle, it rekindled their long dormant feelings for each other. Nula decided to stay and the two are now enjoying a long delayed relationship.


The Commissioner is usually the image of a jovial, unflappable British gentleman. He remains unfazed by Kaza and Gwenna's nudity, unlike his more excitable assistant. Nula is the only person who can fluster him, especially when she calls him by his nickname "Glumpy," a name the Commissioner refuses to explain.


The commissioner is a short, bespectacled man of stocky build with balding gray hair and bushy gray mustache. He often wears khaki safari gear with a pith helmet.


  • Many early jungle comics had these sort of vague authority figures who served as information sources for the heroes.
  • The Commissioner is obviously British, embodying the idea of keeping a stiff upper lip.