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The Stormrunners is a CG Web Comic by Ed Kline (aka Lord Darke) assisted by Kimber Kamacho.


Three and a half billion years ago a thriving civilization existed on Mars. One of their technological achievements was a dimensional window which, among other things, they used to view Earth in their future, enjoying humanity's dysfunctional culture like a reality show and assimilating some aspects of it in the process. The bipedal Martians lived alongside intelligent insectoids called Bugs, who enjoyed watching Earth war movies, especially the ones set in World War II.

Then aliens called the H'rrull invaded Mars and brought their civilization to its knees. Seven centuries later, the H'rrull are defeated, but it's a hollow victory. The planet's ecology has been destroyed and survivors are still faced with pockets of H'rrull resistance.

Surviving an attack that kills her two crewmates and destroys their vehicle, Martian tank commander Ssuara is left to fend for herself on foot. Witnessing the crash of a space capsule, she is astonished when from the wreckage crawl two humans, Lilith and Markus. Ssuara's not thrilled at the idea of babysitting the two newcomers, but sees no choice but to let them tag along. They later team up with a small squadron of Bug soldiers: Master Sergeant Rukh, Corporal Graidy, and Privates Murphy and Flea Bag.

NSFW for nudity. The comic began in August 2014 on The Duck, ComicFury and Renderosity, updating about twice a week. Most of the Renderosity pages are available in high resolution. The comic ended in October 2016, following which Kline began a new comic, Storm Over Whoomera (entry pending).


NSFW for nudity and brief combat violence.