Theatre of the Bloody Tongue is a web comic series illustrated by Zodiak "Lazy Artis which involves the Adventures of Ariane Eldar, multiverse traveling witch.

Summary Edit

A tongue-in-cheek mixture of NSFW grand-Guizot-stories and SFW crossovers/parodies of other web comics. Ariane Eldar, beloved doom witch known from Bad Moon Soho, Steampunk Gorgon and Ariane Eldar Private, is the new underground star of the Theater Of The Bloody Tongue, recreating the classic Grand Guignot. During the theater's tour through underground theaters, the Faceless God appears and forces Ariane to some tasks involving inter dimensional travels. Eventually the theater gets destroyed and Ariane travels on into a weird parallel world. In a city called Oblivion Gate, she teams up with Rock musicians who are trapped inside as the city is besieged by a bunch of music-hating fanatics.

Characters Edit

Main character is Ariane Eldar, multiverse-traveling unaging witch of elfish origin. She is drug-addicted, has worked in Soho-nightclubs and is is no stranger to the alternative lifestyle. Often mistaken to be a goth, she is more in the tradition of the classic femme fatale, influenced by the preliterate beautiful witch and the great silent era vamps. Although being straight sub, she has a strong personality and is not easily intimidated, not caring for any stereotypes.

The Faceless One. One of the many manifestations of Nyarlathotep. He sends Ariane on missions from time to time, but also protects her occasionally. Ariane has an intimate relation with him, but don't ask further.

Vincent Whateley. A wizard borrowed from Autumn Bay with friendly permission of Prof. Etheric. He joins Ariane after she lost her Theater and is her companion and lover.

Since chapter XII. a lot of real life rock musicians.

Trivia Edit

  • Ariane Eldar appeared in other comics and web comics like Steampunk Gorgon, Ariane Eldar Private, Bad Moon Soho 69, Hofgut Schattenkuss, etc.
  • Chapter XII. and XIII. are available as paperbacks at amazon.
  • Ariane appeared as autor of "Ariane Eldar's Little Proto Doom Guide: Bands, records and songs to know", a book about the subgenre of rock known as "protodoom".
  • A lot of characters from other web comics have cameos from chapter I to XI.
  • The character of Vincent Whateley, borrowed from Autumn Bay by Prof. Etheric, was remodeled after Peter Cushing.
  • Many panels are based on hidden LP covers by several rock musicians; they include the Kinks,Deviants, Earth, Wind & Fire; Elton John, Janus, C.A. Quintet, etc.
  • The evil wizard in Chapter XII. is based on the pinball wizard of Tommy. Suttung, the car demon, is named after an giant of the norse mythology and is based on a kfz 251.
  • Many interiors of Oblivion's Gate are drawn after an original Jugendstil furniture catalogue.
  • Uncle Ernie and his driving organ is a reference to the Tommy movie.
  • The "Tilt-The Table" and "Villians-as-Sled" gag is based of drawings of the Nick Knatterton comics of the early 1950ies.
  • Ariane's chants are written in Enochian.
  • The weird english of the robot "Musik-Maschinist" is indeed "Lübke-Englisch".
  • The lyrics sung by Roger Daltrey (The Who) on page 205 are really written by Jim Gustafson (Poobah).
  • The villains that menace Ariane in chapter XIII. are Alex from A Clockwork Orange, Boj boy from Devo, Cousin Kevin from Tommy and Pink from The Wall.
  • Keith Moon (The Who) was really the prankster as who he is potrayed, and he really blew up toilets with cherry bombs.
  • The moon decoration in the old cinema on page 56 is an image from Melies sci-fi silent movie "Voyage to the Moon", other movie references on that page relate to W.C. Fields, Fantomas, Jason King and Nosferatu.
  • The VW K70 and the Hot Rod Ford Custom are based on real cars belonging to the internet community.
  • Lethe Absinth (named after the river of oblivion in the greek mythology) and Whitechapel Gin (Jack the Ripper reference) are Ariane's favourite drinks.
  • The first two pages of the comic are based on two famous silent horror movies: "London After Midnight" by Tod Browning, and Häxan, that was more of a documentation then horror movie.
  • The bar scene on page 26 is based on the famous painting of Manet, one of many references to history of art.
  • Several gags used on stage are a reference to the popular comedian Dave Allen.
  • The wolfman in "Riding Little Red Hood" is based on Lon Chaney Jr. in the 1940ies classic, there are more references to classic horror movies.
  • The monster devouring the graffiti-sprayer is based on a photograph of a kohlrabi made by model, performer and artist Vas Littlecrow; the strange dressed demon on the following page is based on a costume worn by her.
  • Krampfpein and Greino are a parody of Heino and Rammstein, who really did a concert together.
  • The guy rescuing Ariane from the mob after she expressed her feelings about the "music" is based on Lemmy Kilmister.
  • The instruments used to play the music "TOBT Theme" for the webcomic trailer include a 1980 Ibanez AR50 and a Vermona analogue synthesizer.
  • Ariane Eldar had cameos in other webcomics, for example: Rhapsodies, Wyre Cats, Ruby Nation, Velvet Rasputin, Bohica Clues, I, Mummy, etc.

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