Vero is a character of the webcomic M9 Girls!. She is a close friend of Karla who feels let out when Karla joins the M9 Girls.

Personality Edit

At first, Vero appears as an aggressive and mean person, but that is just a facade to cover for her loneliness and isolation. Vero has problems relating to people but somehow she has managed to befriend the popular Karla. Vero is both protective and possessive of Karla, which makes her make some reckless decisions when Karla neglects her as she gets involved with the M9 Girls.

Appearance Edit

Vero is a tall girl, with an unkempt appearance. She prefers wearing cammo pants and tank tops, and her dark brown hair is usually in disarray. She carries a backpack to everywhere, where she keeps her gadgets.

Abilities Edit

Vero has a natural affinity with technology. She can tear apart and reconstruct any electronic device, and has shown she is a decent computer hacker.

Eventually she manages to steal a vial of the M9 Girls serum and acquires powers similar to those of the Girls. Her powers are erratic and not totally disclosed, but they seem to include enhanced reflexes and agility, as well as the ability to break free of Clau's force fields.