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George Wimberley is a secondary character from Kaza's Mate Gwenna. He's been featured in most of the comic's story arcs since The Serpent Sorceress. He's most commonly found in the company of The Commissioner.


Wimberley became the Commissioner's assistant shortly before Nerlana and her revived Serpent Cult began threatening the peace of Buranda Pass. This lead to his first memorable run-in with Gwenna. His skill with a rifle proved invaluable at stopping the monstrous snake the Cult had released.

The all-female Natari tribe was so impressed by his actions, their chieftan Gana offered him an evening with three of the Natari tribe maidens. One of these girls was Kiana, and their relationship continued as Kiana became pregnant.


Wimberley is a bit on the naive side, and gets easily embarrassed by the more unconventional aspects of dealing with Kaza and Gwenna.


Wimberley is a tall, skinny young blond man in his early 20's. He wears glasses, and is normally attired in khaki safari wear.