Yung Sena is the main protagonist of 3 Degrees of Beta: Order of Decay. She is a social worker who works with clients in the district of Gizaki, the 'human' district of Sanborn. On the way home, she got in trouble by getting mugged, and was saved by a witch who is called Anastasia Von Neumann.


Incredibly timid and unsure of herself, Sena can find herself subjected to situations that make her feel uncomfortable very easily, coupled with the fact that she has had her identity stolen and erased from her, so she feels uncertain of how she is supposed to be when her own memories seem false and betray her. But, the role as a social worker makes Sena focus on other people more, making her unable to stress and fret about her situation. Despite her softness, Sena has no trouble being firm on her stance in certain situations if it calls for it.

Appearance Edit

Sena wears a loose white cardigan with a dark sleeveless blouse underneath, with white jeans and brown shoes. Her hair is a dark shade of blue, with hazel coloured eyes. When her defence mechanism, 'Ahenobarbus' is turned on subconsciously her eyes go a shade of red and seem to glow.

History Edit

Not much is known about Sena's history, and she has no siblings or other family members at all, except the mention of her father who's current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • 'Ahenobarbus' - described as a form of a 'defence mechanism' which seems to grant her incredible strength, and her demeanour changes completely. Not much else is known about this 'ability'.

Quotes Edit

  • "No matter how dear it is to my fragile heart, it's okay to forget." ~ Yung Sena, Chapter 2, Page 21.

Trivia Edit

  • 'Ahenobarbus' means 'Red-Beard' (Bronze-Beard in Latin) (Source )
  • Yung seems to suffer from PTSD, whether this was because of her father and/or abuse is not clear.
  • Yung's favourite colour is gold/white.
  • Her favourite food is meat, mostly beef. She is also a fan of very strong coffee. Yung dislikes 'watery' tasting food, despite her sensitive tongue.
  • Yung's favourite past time is tinkering with things, like watches or anything that seems 'broken'.